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APS Industries is a factory representative for top tier manufacturers of equipment and supplies designed for the electronic assembly and production industry.


Below you will find links to the websites of the equipment manufacturers we represent. Please feel free to browse around for ideas and products in our line of equipment.


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Samsung Techwin
Samsung Techwin

Samsung Techwin

World Class Production Solutions with Speed & Flexibility

  • Multi-fuctional precision placement systems
  • Placement speeds from 16,000-120,000 cph
  • Featuring new! automatic load and splicing feeders
  • Intelligent feeders with quick change over job setup
ACE Production Technologies
ACE Production Technologies

ACE Production Technologies

Low Cost “Lead Free” Selective Soldering and Lead Tinning Systems

  • Batch & in-line selective soldering systems
  • Dual nozzle solder pots
  • Spray and dropjet fluxing for water soluable and no clean flux types
  • Automated lead tinning system for hi-rel applications
Technical Devices
Technical Devices Products

Technical Devices

Inline and Batch Cleaning Systems, Wave Soldering Equipment

  • Technological advances in water cascading and high efficiency drying
    Batch cleaning for medium and small production runs especially where chemistry in needed.
  • Full range of lead and lead free wave soldering backed by Technical Devices quality and service standards
VisionMaster Products


Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection and Measurement

  • Manual and automatic benchtop systems
  • Easy to use software with intelligent solder paste and reference detection
  • Inspect 01005 pads accurate & repeatable with 0.5 μm height resolution, 2 μm x-y resolution
ScienScope International
ScienScope International Products

ScienScope International

X-ray Inspection & Video Measurement Systems

  • Real time x-ray for BGA, micro BGA, CSP & flip chip
  • Full volumetric 3-D/CT x-ray system
  • Image intensifier & flat panel detectors with 4,096 shades of gray
  • Measurement of small intricate features on small or large parts


Flying Probe System, Boundary Scan Solutions

  • Flying Scorpion single & double sided flying prober
  • IEEE1149.1 / IEEE1149.6 stand alone test & programming solutions
  • Test service & programming available for flying probe & boundary scan


SMT & BGA Rework Systems

  • Featuring focused IR heating technology
  • No nozzles, shields or focused hoods
  • Modular & upgradable systems
  • Easy setup & excellent control software


Innovative Material Handling Solutions

  • Solutions for SMT material handling and accuracy issues 
  • Smart component storage management system
  • Ultra lean software to manage your inventory, kits and WIP
AIM Soldering
AIM Soldering

AIM Soldering

Solder Paste, Wire, Bar Solder & Liquid Flux

  • Complete line of leaded & lead free products & other standard or specialty alloys
  • Available in no clean, water soluble & rma fluxes
  • SN100C alloy for lead free applications



Automated Optical Inspection

  • Inline and benchtop AOI/2D,3D, SPI, X-RAY Systems
  • Industry leading AOI solder joint inspection
  • Algorithm base/patented RGB color technology
  • Fast / Full off line program generation
  • High speed 100% 3D Solder Paste Inspection
  • High speed / high precision inline X-Ray with angled 3D / CT technology
FKN Systek
FKN Systek Products

FKN Systek

FKN Provides Effective Ways to Depanelize Your Loaded Printed Circuit Boards

  • Circular blade depanelizers
  • Punch for tab routed panels / nibblers
  • Saws for overhanging components
ScienScope International
ScienScope International Products

ScienScope International

Microscope & Measurement Systems For Electronic, Semiconductor, Medical Device, Research Industries

  • Video inspection to 1,000x
  • Microscopes-binocular/trinocular
  • Video coordinate measurement systems
Nederman Products

Nederman / Environment Filtration

Fume-Dust Extraction & Filtration Systems

  • Single & multiple extraction arms
  • ESD & chemical resistant units
  • Tabletop, wall, or ceiling mounts
  • Industrial extraction, dust & fume
  • Mobile and portable carts