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Robotic Hot Solder Dip Service:
Component Lead refurbishing

ACE has implemented the service of hot solder dip refurbishing of component leads. This service is available as a natural extension of the sample processing in their Soldering Lab and a complement to the ACE family of LTS lead tinning machines. Your components will be processed in accordance with IPC/EIA J- STD-001 and ANSI-GEIA-STD-0006.


The service includes:

  • Standard 5 day turn around (2 day available).
  • Incoming solderability test using our MUST wetting balance tester.
  • Careful handling and fixturing of the components.
  • All components are processed on the robotic LTS machines using a double dip process. The first dip is into a cleansing bath of molten alloy to remove the original coating, followed with a flux dip then a final immersion into a clean solder bath for a pure eutectic or RoHS finish.
  • Post cleaning.
  • Visual inspection.
  • Final wetting balance test to assure best solder-ability.
  • Lot report documenting the details of the process.


Refurbishing of Legacy Components
Removing the oxidized (plated) lead finish and replacing with a fused intermetalic Sn/Pb finish.


Gold Embrittlement Mitigation
Removes the gold from the components leads by solubilizing in molten Sn/Pb solder.


Tin Whisker Mitigation
Replaces the tin plating with fused alloy. Convert RoHS components to Sn/Pb Convert Sn/Pb components to RoHS







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